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Friday, 31 October 2014

Discovering Halloween...

A successful first carving of a pumpkin don't you think? I had visions of this going incredibly wrong: severing teeth, destroying eyes or creating an entirely faceless pumpkin so that another would have to be bought! Controlling a knife has never been a strong point with me!

It's turning out to be quite the Halloween this year - having missed out on everything Halloweeny for so long I am now making up for it, it seems! One carved pumpkin, hordes of little 'trick or treaters' and a potential Halloween Party on Sunday night with Tom's work people... It would be a definite bonus to meet so many new people when we are all in fancy dress - good excuse for any embarrassing situations where I don't recognise people! There will be soooo many of them!!
*cue nail biting* joking... Biting nails has never been a habit of mine

I always thought trick or treaters would creep to the door in total silence and it would be a little scary but, not at all!! I feel like appearing at the window and scaring them before they reach the door... Might be a little unkind though as some of them are so diddy! I don't want to be the cause crying babies and hyperactive ones! 

So, all in all a pretty good first experience of Halloween I would say! Nowhere near as scary as I expected, no doorbells with nobody there or anything like that but still... 

Now to have a scare-fest at home with Tom and a party on Sunday... 

Happy Halloween!!! 


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