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Thursday, 30 October 2014

He won't be home for Christmas

Tom has deployed three times while we have been together, always to Afghanistan... until now. He's been given the opportunity to go to the Falklands as Acting Corporal, which career-wise is a brilliant opportunity for him. Whats not so great is that it's over Christmas!

The past month has been a busy one with Tom trying to get everything sorted with work and learn all the millions of things he needs to know for being an Acting Corporal and I've been running myself in circles trying to plan what to do while Tom is away, ideas of parcels to send out to him, Christmas presents for our Christmas before he goes away and then Christmas stuff to send to him or for him to take so that he has something on actual Christmas Day.

We met around Christmas, officially got together the following February and have only spent one Christmas apart - our first one - we didn't like it and decided not to do that again. Well here we are!

We are used to not spending days together where the emphasis is 'being with your loved one(s)'. We have never spent Valentine's Day together and although there is always a small uncontrollable disappointment that we aren't together for all its commercialised nonsense, there is the comfort that not EVERYONE is celebrating it. However, Christmas is going to be a little tougher...

I have a lot of silly memories from Christmas time with Tom - two years ago, we were getting ready for our first Christmas together which we were spending with his side of the family. He had recently got back from a trip to America and we were sat in the car in a Debenhams multistorey car park  getting into the Christmas mood by going through a Christmas CD, singing along to Christmas songs (probably at the top of our voices - certainly at the top of mine), dissecting the lyrics and discovering that we have the same favourite Christmas song (discovering a new similarity between us will never get old even though we have sooo many!) and generally talking nonsense. This is tiny memory of a moment but, I will always remember it years down the line because this is when we started to put Debenebenhams into the chorus of a Christmas song - I will leave you to find which one because I don't want to ruin it for you or you can ask me - you will never hear it without it afterwards, I certainly can't.

The second downside to Tom going away to the Falklands is the unknown of what to expect because he hasn't been there before - how often we will be able to talk, how busy work will be for him and how long parcels and letters will take to arrive. Also getting used to waking up before him now rather than him having been up hours before me.

Tomorrow he will get his address and all the other information and then.... it all gets real!

Other people have done this before... I can certainly get through all the Christmas celebrations and the unknown 8,000 miles away from Tom to have a day better than any Christmas could ever be - the day he comes home!

I sure will miss my best friend though!

First Christmas spent together
(not quite blog worthy quality but I didn't know I would have a blog then)

Should Mr/Mrs Debenhams read this and like to use our idea...
please contact me 
Pigs fly ;)


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