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Friday, 21 November 2014

10 Random Facts....

I woke up with the weirdest sensation this morning, I have a few posts floating about behind the scenes ready to publish on here, but, for some reason I felt I had nothing I wanted to post - I'm not sure if that's a clear sign that it's all rubbish back here or just not my style or the right day or whatever but, it leaves me wondering what I am meant to say today!

As this is all new around here and it's Friday, I shall stick to what I know(ish) and share 10 random facts about me... 

1. I've been in more than my fair share of car accidents, in one of these I collided with a deer. I really tried not to hit it, especially as I thought it was a Giraffe. I even worked out that the 'giraffe' must have escaped from the West Mid Safari Park before my car was given a crinkly finish.

2. I've wanted to have a blog for about 5 years... its taken me this long to pluck up the courage to voice it and be encouraged to do it... It didn't take much encouragement to be honest.

3. I am well known for doing everything backwards to how anyone else would do it.

4. I have a serious problem with opening doors - from pushing a pull to a complete incompetence at using a key. It literally takes me about 2 minutes to lock my front door every morning and I invariably drop the keys at some point during the process. It was very awkward in my old job when I had to do a house viewing and I couldn't open the door.

5. When I was younger (like a toddler) I wanted to be a painted Elephant when I grew up. 

6. I'm pretty sure I could fix most home dyeing hair dilemmas having had frequent incidents between 16 and 22! I've been green, black, bright orange, blue, red, brown and various strange tones of blonde. 

7. I spent the November before my niece was born in Paris (my sister lives there) and now I always seem to miss it in November.

8. The first time I went into a Charity Shop I bought my wedding dress.

9.  I live my life by 'do as you would be done by,' 'if it's worth doing, it's worth doing properly' and 'que sera, sera'.

10. One day I'm going to hire an expensive car and go to view a country estate that I can't afford, just because.

Happy Friday!!!


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