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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

4 Cities in 2 weeks...

I said I would fill you in on our 'Big Adventure' so here it is:

Tom and I have definitely done our fair share of travelling since we first got together (maybe more than our fair share)... We have been to France a few times, Malta, Venice and Florida. Essentially, every time Tom has been going away we have given ourselves a holiday before or afterwards. Venice was an amazing Christmas present he gave me after our first Christmas spent together!

Bucket lists have always been important to me, I would hate to get to the end of my life and have not achieved anything that I've wanted to. I also find the things I have on the list really helpful for focusing me whether its by keeping me positive when times are a bit pants, helping me force myself to save when all I want to do is spend or just to make the most of a moment and keep me following my dreams.

We have a lot of places on our Bucket List that we would like to go to and in 2015 we will be crossing a big one off the list....

Neither of us really want to settle down and stop having adventures so I came up with the idea that we would go to Vegas for our 1st Wedding Anniversary... This has grown into a slightly bigger deal than the initial idea which is awesome!

We are going all out with this holiday - it will definitely be one of our 'once in a life time' holidays... 

City Number One:

We are staying in Treasure Island which is the hotel we have both dreamed of staying in. I'm a massive fan of anything pirates. I'm gutted that Treasure Island has stopped doing the Sirens Show but I'm sure there will be other shows to see that will make up for it. Hope we don't lose too much money at the beginning of our adventures!!

Tom has always wanted to drive a Mustang so we will be continuing from Las Vegas in a Convertible Mustang... I think he is as excited about the holiday as he is about the car!

City Number Two:

I think that this will be our only moment to chill on the entire holiday. So far we have pencilled in spa, sight seeing, shopping and relaxing!!

City Number Three:

I'm really excited about going to San Diego - it's one of those places I had never really thought of going, we are staying in Mission Bay which looks awesome. It looks like we could be pretty chilled out here too but also there is a lot to see and do. I know USS Midway is high on our list to see and La Jolla sells itself on the internet as a place to check out.

City Number Four:

We are staying very close to Disneyland so we are definitely going to head there and release our inner child, we will definitely be checking out the Hollywood sights too! Essentially I want to see and do everything in LA!! 

June cannot come quick enough but we have a heap of planning to do!! If you can help with any tips of what we definitely shouldn't miss either in these cities or enroute please let me know.... We don't want to miss any must sees/do!!!

I'd love to hear what is on your bucket list too...


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