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Saturday, 1 November 2014

A New Survival Plan...

I know that many people have countdowns so that they can mark off the days until their spouses get home, I wish I could do this!! Especially as there are soo many cute ones!Whenever Tom has gone away his return date has been hazy and I would have got to the end of the countdown and had to start adding days on again. I can't think of anything more soul destroying!

Each deployment I try to come up with things to do to keep me busy and this time I am going to try to use it as an indirect countdown with a weekly, fortnightly and monthly activity, it will hopefully trick time into flying.

I am not a lover of winter and I find going to work in the dark and going home in the dark the most depressing thing in the world. Winter makes me want to hibernate and Tom being away can make me want to hibernate sometimes as well so, all in all not a very productive-looking few months ahead of me. However, I'm hitting it with a new approach so, who knows, it may work and sharing it will hopefully keep me motivated!

Every deployment, I set out to try and get fitter and more toned. This lasts the first few weeks, then disappears into a laziness that frustrates me and I always end up feeling manky for when Tom comes home. This time I'm setting it my weekly goal to go to an exercise class.

Tom's deployment is not a long one as deployments go, for which I am very lucky and it means that my fortnightly activity can be to start looking at things to do on our 'big adventure' in June. It always helps me to have something awesome to look forward to when he gets home and rather than just dreaming about it I can be productive this time. I will be a couple of fortnights down I think but it will allow for the panic of Christmas. (I will tell you all about the 'big adventure' at some other point!)

Weekly and Monthly
Sometimes, I'm not very good at getting out and seeing people when Tom is away, somehow being with people can makes me feel lonelier and I always feel a bit guilty that I'm out enjoying myself and he isn't. (Yep, I Know I'm strange!!) The past few occasions when Tom has been deployed I have been living with my parents so I haven't been going home from work to an empty house. This time I will be. Even more reason to force myself to get out and about with friends and have some fun. I'm going to make this weekly and monthly - weekly for going for coffee etc and monthly for scrubbing up nice and going out for the day or weekend!

I don't really like to wish time away but I always seem to find myself doing it. Every Monday I want it to be Friday (thats normal though, right??) and every deployment I wish I could delete the days in-between Tom going and him coming home... The novelty of being alone wears off in the first week - once the computer has got a virus, the washing line has snapped, the dogs run off, somethings happened to the car and gone round to a neighbour's for help at least once, it's time for Tom to come home!! 

So that's my game plan, I shall let you know if it works!! How do you get through deployments? Would love to hear any advice or ideas...

I leave you with a quote or two:

'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all' - Helen Keller


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