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Friday, 14 November 2014

Downton Abbey - Series 5 MASSIVE SPOILERS ALERT!!

Downton Abbey is my favourite series ever (probably)... There is something about the interaction between upstairs and downstairs that I really love. The change in life after World War 1 is very eye opening and it touches on taboo subjects for the era that are not really covered at school. Add to that my love for romance, history and crime - Downton Abbey fits the bill!

Round up:

Upstairs: Season 5 sees Lady Edith discover that her Mr Gregson is indeed dead and prompts her to take matters with her into her own hands illegitimate daughter. Lady Mary loses both the men chasing her in Season 4. Lord Grantham finds his relationship with Cora challenged by a presumptuous man - how he really thought Cora would prefer that sleaze ball I don't know but, sleaze or not, he did manage to open Cora's eyes a bit, Isobel and Lady Violet both have men after them and Tom considers moving to America.

Downstairs: Further investigation into the death of Mr Green sees the eventual arrest of Anna - if she did it then that has completely passed me by! Thomas tries to change his orientation and the relationship between him and Miss Baxter change from manipulation to a kind of friendship. In fact Mr Barrow's character seems to be softening - I hope anyway! Maybe his loneliness and struggle with homosexuality is turning him into a nicer person? I almost pity him now and I never thought I would say that! Carson and Mrs Hughes consider buying a property together. Daisy starts to see the world in a different light after Miss Bunting helps her with her 'books'.

Favourite parts:

I'm afraid I have a few of these!!
  • Tom reminding Miss Bunting that his daughter is one of 'them'.
  • Tom calling Lord Merton's son a bastard and Lord Grantham backing him up and ensuring Larry's unceremonious removal from the dining room!
  • The lack of reaction from Lady Sinderby and the way in which she shut Lord Sinderby down when Lady Rose's mother attempted to stop the wedding by announcing that she was having a divorce from Shrimpy! That woman is indeed a "Cat"! The strength of Lady Rose and Atticus Aldridge dealing with difference in religion and background and the way they dealt with the attempts to ruin their chance of happiness by Lady Rose's mother were both inspiring and eye opening!
  • Lord Grantham punching Simon Bricker!! This was a total jaw-drop moment for me!
  • Lady Mary and Mabel Lane Fox competing in the point-to-point amongst a horde of men.
There are definitely more...

Favourite lines: 

Lady Violet: "All this thinking, it's very over rated." (Definitely a line I need to remember for myself!)

Isobel: "You're only saying that to sound clever!"
Lady Violet: "Yes! You should try it!"

Lady Violet: "Love may not conquer all but love can conquer quite a lot"

Lady Violet: "He's a man, men don't have rights"

Lady Mary: "I've been married, I know everything."

Best outfits:

Lady Rose seems to have the killer outfits in this series - The dress and cap that she wears for the dinner with her parents in the Season Finale and of course her wedding dress: Two words - 'Absolutely stunning'. I'm a total sucker for anything vintage and the fact that this dress was found in a random vintage shop makes me want to squeal!

The bits that made me cry:
  • Lord Grantham presenting the plaque to Mrs Pattmore for her nephew
  • Isis getting ill! (I honestly cried more about this than I ever have for my own pets!) 
  • Mrs Pattmore crying because Daisy wanted to leave
I know there were more times than this but I can't remember them off the top of my head

The bits I'm not sure about:

I still can't make up my mind about Mary's hair. The bald monkey quote was amazing but I can't remember it properly!

What I would like to happen in the Christmas Special and Season 6:

Somewhere along the line it needs to all work out for Anna and Bates - they really are getting a raw deal! With any luck she will get released and find out that she is pregnant!

I hope Tom changes his mind about going to America or if he does go he comes back again because he misses everyone or realises he is in love with either Mary or Edith. 

I think it would be nice for the Dowager and Prince Karangan and Isobel and Lord Merton to live happily ever after.

Having said all this I do want there to be a series 7 so tying up all the lose ends is not at all in my interest!!

I am incredibly biased but I thought this season was pretty damn fine. When it comes to period dramas, I admit, I'm very easy to please.

What did you think of Season 5?



  1. Really you just want 'Happy Everafters' not that I would disagree - and now we have to wait until Christmas Day!

    1. Yep, pretty much... I'm all about the 'Happy Everafters'! Cannot wait for the Christmas Special :)


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