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Friday, 7 November 2014

Finally my home...

I definitely have the Friday feeling today and cannot wait for our early Christmas tomorrow!

I hadn't quite realised how much Christmas stuff I had gathered since moving out, I've been hiding it all from Tom... hopefully he will be surprised when he gets in tonight after bidding his folks farewell! My surprises don't have much of a success rate!

It sucks that I have already woken up wondering where he is and he hasn't even left the country yet but, at least he will be back tonight!

This morning was the first time I stumbled around our house and it truly felt like home. I don't know whether the Christmas tree and decorations have turned the tables or whether it really did just take a little over four months to feel settled in and have everything under some kind of control. To be honest. it could be both.

I did wonder how long it would take me to feel at home, the last time I moved somewhere new I was 8. I wasn't too concerned about settling in as far as I can remember. I do recall being told that we were going to move house and being pretty put out about it but, it wasn't until 4 years after that we actually moved. Plenty of preparation time!

Being part of a two person team to run a house was a lot harder than I had expected. I've been doing my own washing since I was 15 so I really thought I had that sorted.  Cleaning and tidying a house - I knew I could do this but, keeping on top of it was a whole different ball game. I knew I couldn't cook so I'd accepted that it would be a bit of a struggle. (Actually the cooking is now the easiest bit of it all!). Add to that a full time job and Tom working different shifts to me.... not so simple after all.

We are getting there with balancing everything. In no way does that mean the house is spotless or there isn't a ginormous pile of washing to sort... actually, when it comes to balance, I'm pretty good at balancing clothes on top of the existing pile. I do feel like we have the house under control and it isn't that big a deal if it isn't a 'pinterest paradise'. We still have a lot of boxes to sort and unpack but in most cases they are hidden from visitor eyes, I've accepted their existence and pencilled them on the 'to do list' for while Tom is away.

Still to unpack...!!

I feel like I am quite up on 'wife-points' today too! The house looks mighty fine with all the Christmas stuff and it's nearly clean and tidy! I'm so happy I feel settled before Tom goes away.

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!!

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