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Monday, 3 November 2014

Happy Monday...

I woke up this morning somewhere between still drunk and a hangover, driving was not going to be an option and in fact, moving from the bed for another hour was not realistic either! This led to the 10 o' clock stroll that changed my entire perspective of the day.

As November days go this is a decent one. At 9 degrees its cold enough for you to be able to feel the fresh air in your lungs and the wind nibble at your fingers but still not be cold. Some how this kind of weather makes me feel more alive!

I have always loved to walk, I find it relaxes me and clears my head. This morning as I ambled to work I had a chance to see the town in a different light, even though it is certainly not the most beautiful of towns and is not archetypal of the Cotswolds, it had its own beauty and I was very grateful to have discovered it.

The fresh air and new perception seems to have carried me through the day - Mondays are forever a drag and having only just begun to get serious hangovers I was feeling very sorry for myself. Life is good even if it is a Monday! Don't let work get you down! Enjoy the week for an even better weekend!!

I love that I can walk to work (and yes! I should have done so sooner) but I love that I have a car so that I can walk to work out of choice and enjoy it properly! I also love that I am on flexi-time so I could have that extra hour in bed that I needed!

And..... as far as my first Halloween Party and beercall goes - it was certainly worth the hangover and having to walk to work, though, I'm surprised I am not in any pain after having taken a tumble backwards! Also, I've no idea how this happened but... I have NO pictures of me as a Ghost Pirate! Not cool!

Happy Monday!!

 Today's view from my desk!

The last time I had to walk to work!

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