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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Moving with my husband...

New rank slide ready for going away!!

One of my main worries about moving into a military quarter was the neighbours! From the outside world you hear horror stories of living in military quarters and the other military wives, equally you hear horror stories of what lads in the military are like, however, I'm happy to say they don't all fit the stereotype and if you are considering whether or not to move into military quarters, I would definitely recommend it:
  1. You see your husband (or wife) every day - this has helped me so much with Tom going away, we're still on a countdown but it's a lot longer than it used to be or would have been if we had lived apart during his working week. 
  2. Your next door neighbour is probably in the same situation as you - I have been extremely lucky in this in that us and our neighbours have both just got married, moved into quarters within a few weeks of each other and that her husband will be away at a similar time as mine so we can definitely compare notes on life and make plans together to keep ourselves busy!
  3. There is an established community - We have had a very busy four months since we moved in so I have not been able to take as much advantage of this as I would like to but, everyone has been very helpful and it is easy to find advice or reviews on anything from hairdressers to medical care so settling in is a lot easier.
  4. Military support - I haven't yet needed this, however, I know exactly where to go if I have any problems and there seems to be plenty of support on offer.
  5. Housing -  It doesn't look anything special from the outside but from my experience inside is spacious and well maintained and the houses are selected to suit your needs. If anything goes wrong then there is someone to fix it which is quite a comfort especially while Tom is away!
  6. Child and medical care - We are literally surrounded by both where we live including that supplied by the military.
So there you have it, 6 reasons why I will follow my husband (potentially with children in tow) from posting to posting, whether we live in quarters or just close to the base. 

Do you move with your spouse?


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