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Monday, 24 November 2014

Mulled wine, sculpted ice and circus acts...

On Saturday, Kelsie and I headed to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. Neither of us had ever been to Winter Wonderland before so we had high expectations that happily, were not disappointed.

When we arrived there at 11 o' clock, it was nowhere near as busy as I had anticipated. It was by no means hauntingly empty, I was just very happy to be able to have the space to see where I was putting my feet! From what I have previously said about crowds in London you can imagine that this was a pleasant surprise.

We had booked tickets to the Magical Ice Kingdom and Zippos Circus online, we could have booked ice skating and the Big Wheel as well but neither of us are keen on heights and although I don't mind ice skating I'm always a little nervous I will break my face or lose my fingers! (Wimp, I know!!)

Magical Ice Kingdom
This was very impressive and definitely a must see. The ice sculptures were amazing and the whole setting was incredibly well arranged. 

I was prepared for it to be cold but I don't think it's very easy to imagine quite how cold -8 is. Be prepared for your fingers to feel like they are going to drop off because they are so cold, especially if you keep taking photos.

When we came out of the Magical Ice Kingdom it felt like a humid summers day outside which indicates how cold it was inside. It definitely didn't feel like a summers day before we went inside!

After the Magical Ice Kingdom we headed to find some Mulled Wine and propped up the bar for a while in the Christmas Bar.

We then generally explored the entire Wonderland and perused the stalls, finishing up in the Bavarian Village before heading to Zippos Circus. 

So pretty - The VIP section in the Bavarian Village

Zippos Circus
This was a phenomenal performance. I have never been so scared that the acrobats were going to fall and hurt themselves, they didn't seem to have anything remotely softening to land on either. The clown was really good too - they slightly freak me out but he was really funny without being too cringe-worthy!

Being catapulted onto a chair

Amazing but completely  terrifying

It was dark when we left the Circus which made the atmosphere of Winter Wonderland more magical. It was also packed and we really couldn't see where we were putting our feet. We browsed the stalls some more and had some french fries and drinks and then headed back for our bus home.

What did you get up to this weekend?


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