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Monday, 17 November 2014

Small and Sweet...

New Introductions...

Our Nephew 

I headed home to my parents on Friday evening so I was home in time for my nephew's arrival into the world at 00:13 on Sunday morning! I managed to visit him before heading home on Sunday afternoon, so glad he didn't take too long to arrive otherwise I might not have seen him for another 3 weeks. He is seriously sweet and looks just like his brothers did! We now have 7 nephews which is a little daunting, I really feel for my niece in amongst all these boys.

Our Puppy

My nephew was not the only new person I  met this weekend... I also met our puppy. Ok, she isn't exactly a person but I couldn't think of a collective term. She is an Airedale Terrier and we are calling her Zou Bisou. She is only 4 weeks old so isn't yet ready to come home and live with us but, I cannot wait until she does!

Apologies for the horrific photo - I forgot to bring my camera this weekend!!

Definitely the right weekend to have headed home! There was a point when I thought I was making the wrong decision after a near miss with a deer. I've already collided with one deer, I don't understand how some people never see a deer on the road yet I have seen two in as many years!


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