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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

This and that...

1. Odd socks - I love them! I like to pair socks but if the pair isn't there then, I'm making a new one! There's no chance I'm having a random sock pile! I like how something so simple annoys my OCD friends too... Problem with being the youngest sister - I really do enjoy winding people up!

2. Seriously excited for the birth of my next nephew or niece! It's due on Monday which is also Tom's birthday. I have my fingers crossed that it will be on time - one less birthday to remember and also we will be able to celebrate the new baby together before he goes away. 

I've placed a bet with Tom that it will be a girl - now that we live together I thought betting money was pointless so...the stakes are  dinner out! Be a girl!! Would be really nice for my niece to finally have a girl to play with as well! She's surrounded by boys!!! 

Christmas with my family will be fun too, it's been a while since I've spent Christmas with a newborn.

3. Downton Abbey made me cry - I watched it on catch up so I am a bit behind but, honestly, I think this season is brilliant! I'm massively rooting for Mary and Tom to get together but it seems a bit of a long shot at the moment! 

4. Looking forward to seeing my sister singing in concert in London on Sunday... Seems we are going to make a day and evening of it too which is lovely and unexpected. And... Wahoo for the new bus service that goes straight to London for a whole £18 return! It's as if stage coach knew!!

5. Nothing could seem more weird that we will have put our Christmas tree up and had Christmas by the end of the weekend. My family was always incredibly late with the tree decorating now we're going to be ahead of most people!! Can't wait to have our own Christmas in our own home though! Christmas jumpers here we come!! 

6. It's bonfire night... Described by wiki as 'just a night of revelry with a bonfire and fireworks'. They really couldn't make it sound less exciting! It's awesome...the revelry is good, the bonfires are huge and the fireworks have been lighting up the sky since Halloween, it will all continue until next Monday probably! 

7. Me and Tom are watching Lost at the moment! We're in the 3rd season and literally, we cannot stop watching it! We stay up till 1 most nights because each episode ends on such a cliffhanger! 

8. Last weekend my in-laws came to stay and we went to Blenheim Palace where Winston Churchill grew up... Did you know he invented the onesie? Did you also know that Blenheim Palace wasn't bombed by the Germans during the Second World War because Hitler wanted to live there once he had invaded Britain? Fun facts of the day if you didn't.

Beautiful Blenheim Palace - Definitely recommend a visit!

Happy hump day!! 


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