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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wedding Bells? What I wish I had known...

It has been a massive year for me with everything changing! I seem to be learning all the time. My wedding was the biggest day I had ever had to organise and have total free reins over. It was amazing and we only had one very minor hiccup the day before but, since my wedding there have been a few things I wish I had known before hand...maybe this might help you if you are planning a wedding or are intending to in the next few years!

1. Book the venue to fit the number of guests you want. Don't book the venue and then do a head count and discover you are going to have to seriously reduce the guests! Turns out that this wasn't such a big deal afterwards but it caused a lot of grief at the time with everybody trying to trim the guest list but, at the same time there are the people that really should be invited. Tom and I became quite brutal about reducing the guest list!

2. Photography on the day is stressful... I think now I would have reduced the number of family photos I wanted or accepted that the children wouldn't be in them... We ran out of time and there are as many children in my family as there are adults. Children that are hungry and tired do not want to stand in a photo with a smile on their face over and over again! It's just not going to happen.

3. When it comes to timings don't forget that the wedding car may take it's time getting you to the venue! I completely didn't factor this in which added to the photography stresses!

4. Do not print the table plan or glue the names on until after the night before the wedding! Seriously! If people cancel after that time then there really is nothing you can do about it... however, up until that point, people could/will cancel or say they are coming. Even if you think you have had all the RSVP's in and done the head count... things could change!

Spot the alterations done last minute!!

5. Do not use a weird and wonderful font type that you can only get on certain computers/laptops. Invariably, if you need to change something which is in that font - you will not have the right computer...Especially if you change jobs like I did!

6. Do take a moment to absorb your day. I was lucky in that we had two weddings - the civil wedding was in December 2013 and then we had our big white wedding in July. (It worked out better with me moving away, getting a new job and Tom sorting accommodation for us while he was deployed if we were already married). The civil wedding went by in a blur it was scary and I had all the nerves that I predicted. On the day of the big white wedding my nerves were pretty much under control and it didn't speed by in a white blur.

7. Factor in that there will be a few moments of panic and serious stress involving everyone. We had one the day before and I had one when the car arrived to pick me up. The car was early and I wasn't ready. Promising your husband you won't be late isn't such a good idea either because that massively increased my stress. In the moment of stress things go wrong... The one thing that did go wrong for us was at the height of stress the day before. Tom put his foot through the table plan frame... It wasn't a big deal and in fact I think it released all the tension (Everyone thought I was going to hit the roof and I didn't). The frame ended up being far superior to the original one too! Wahoo for Tom and his foot!! (Yes... essentially the Table Plan was the bane of my life!!)

8. Always keep in mind why you are planning a wedding.. it isn't for the wedding, it's for the marriage afterwards! Stressing over the minute details of the day is not the be all and end all. At the end of the day, people are coming to celebrate your relationship and the start of your marriage, not to score points on what your wedding was like and how you did or didn't do something. I was lucky that for once in my life, I knew how I wanted the day and I wasn't bothered by what anyone but Tom thought, logistically and financially there were a few tweaks but otherwise it was exactly as we wanted.

What do you wish you had known before your wedding?

Beautiful photos by Georgina Balmer Photography - She was amazing putting up with all the weird and wonderful happenings at our wedding!


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