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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Week #2 of deployment...

Throw back - Sunset on a walk we took in September

This week has not been so great. It seems to have been the week where things have started to go wrong... all to do with the car... it seems to be trying to die on me!! 

Sleeping seems to be alluding me at night and now the getting out of bed is literally not happening because I am so tired! I'm just about making it to work on time! The whole always being dark when I get home doesn't really help either.

I've had moments of complete inability to think or process anything, which has been more than a little annoying! Especially when it has come to writing on here! I've had the topic and written the first sentence which generally is all I need to get myself started but there has just been a total blank... nothing... I have seen a lot of posts about dealing with writers block, I'm not really sure if it could be put down to that as it wasn't a lack of topic it was a lack of ability to think.

Communication is still not great but Tom has got an add on to his phone package so that he can text and call a small amount from his phone which is a lot better.

I have his Christmas parcel all ready to send out in the next few days so that it will definitely get to him by Christmas (so long as it doesn't get totally lost in transit!!) 

My Goals
I haven't done so well with the goals this week, which probably doesn't help my overall feeling but I am hoping to achieve my fortnightly goal by the weekend.

I have, however, started to de-clutter and reorganise the house. It's going to take a while and be a total nightmare until it is done but it will get there and while it is a drag now its going to be amazing once it is done!! Something for our bedroom arrived today which I'm massively excited about getting sorted - it's only a small thing but it's enough to spur me on a bit more to get the house sorted by the time Tom is home!

My monthly goal of getting out for the day with friends has been achieved already which is great and I had an awesome time at Winter Wonderland.

Hopefully this next week will be a better and there will be less frustrations and things going wrong - it surely can't last for two weeks! One week is enough of things going wrong! I'm heading down to my in-laws this weekend and to my parents next weekend so, even if I don't sleep properly in the week I might get 2 nights of decent sleep in between!! With any luck I will be back in full flow with writing too which would definitely help me feel better! Nothing sucks more than struggling to achieve something you really enjoy doing!

How has your week been?


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