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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

365 days as a Mrs....

Sunday was the first anniversary of me and Tom legally being married! 365 days as a Mrs with a whole new surname!(I had a hiccup with WiFi Monday so delayed posting)

We will be keeping the July anniversary properly rather than this December one which being as Tom is away certainly works out well this year. It sucked that he wasn't here to share it with me but I have the next on to look forward to and I did get to hear his voice on the end of the phone!

There were various reasons why Tom and I had a separate legal bit to our big white wedding... firstly, my church doesn't do the legal part of the wedding so it was actually a necessity. Secondly, I was going to be trying to find a job while Tom was away and we wanted to have a house sorted by the beginning of June so that he could move straight in on return. It also meant that I could give a starting date to a new job knowing that I would have somewhere to live.

Our civil wedding was a bit of a 'run in-run out' job which was no less fun than the white wedding. It was meant to be a stress free situation but you wouldn't think it from the fit I had about my hair beforehand! Luckily Jess (Tom's sister) came to my rescue! There was a sudden realisation on my part that there were going to be photos and they were going to be looked at forevermore!

I remember very little of the actual vows, it completely passed me and my bundle of nerves by. I think Tom was much the same. However, I think there was a bonus to being so nervous over the bit we felt was less important because we got our nerves nicely out of the way for the big wedding. We were both pretty much cool as a cucumber on the big day and can remember it all really clearly. 

It was very disconcerting to discover within about 10 minutes of leaving the Registry Office and walking into an Italian restaurant that I was no longer a Senorita but a Senora! That was quite aging and a little depressing. The food was very good though and it was a really nice afternoon so that made up for it!

My mother in law had booked us into Morgans Swansea for the night which was lovely and right opposite Nandos which we obviously had to have for tea! 

Our tiny civil wedding was an amazing day and a very good way to end one chapter and begin another.

Between December and July it was a very weird limbo period - we were husband and wife but still planning a wedding, not living together and having to deal with our separate lives as well as trying to conjoin them more. It all worked out though and I certainly wouldn't change it! My first year of being a Mrs has been incredible! I still miss not being a Senorita anymore though! Didn't realise I was giving up on that too when I became Mrs!

Cue cheesy pictures...

Rice really does hurt!!



  1. It sounds like you had a lovely wedding. Happy anniversary!


  2. Your civil wedding sounds so lovely! You look darling and I love your crowns. :)

    I'm planning my wedding right now It's quite exciting I must say!



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