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Monday, 8 December 2014

5 resolutions for 2015...

2014 has been probably one of the best years of my life, if not THE best. It has definitely been a year of happiness and happenings!

Since Tom went away I have been thinking a bit about how I treat myself and how it impacts left, right and centre - with this in mind I've begun a list of New Years Resolutions... 2015 will be as amazing a year as 2014 and I will hopefully be happier in myself!

1. Be nice to myself - I really need to sop putting myself down or even thinking it... I manage to be self deprecating constantly. Really... it's not cool to put words into someone else's mouth about what they think of you in a particular situation when you aren't at your best. I'm trying to be much nicer to myself, if I'm not why should anyone else be!

2. Stop setting myself up to fail - I find myself promising myself that I will do something and not achieving it or having ideas that never come into fruition and then I beat myself up about it. I'm not actually sure whether I will find it easier to stop the promising or the beating! It really does leave me feeling totally incapable.

3. Learn how to handle criticism properly - I do actually like to be told what could be improved and have people help me progress etc but I don't seem to handle it very well when I don't ask for it. Maybe it's because of what I have already promised myself to achieve - I am definitely my own worst critic.

4. Look after myself better - Being an overactive thinker, I worry way more than I should and I'm fairly sure I can prevent the never ending over thinking I do. I really struggle with getting enough sleep and I seldom wake up feeling like I have actually rested. I seem to always be in such a rush that I don't make enough time for myself  - I feel best when I have spent time getting ready, painting my nails or relaxing in the bath - I definitely think I should pamper myself more (well, lets face it who wouldn't add that to their New Years Resolutions disguised as a perfectly plausible resolution).

No. 5 is not quite the same as the 4 above but it does impact a lot on me and how I feel: 

5. Stop neglecting my family - Since moving away I have struggled to be organised with family birthdays, keeping in touch with them all and seeing them as much as I should. I could make many excuses but none of them are acceptable really and besides with the amount of communication and technology available today it really shouldn't be an issue!

What are your resolutions for 2015?


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