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Tuesday, 2 December 2014


December is here and Christmas is finally coming. I returned home from work on Friday to find the house opposite us lit up like a theme park... its official preparations have begun.

I love December - it is probably the most social month of the entire year! Pretty well everyone is happy, the best films come out in the cinemas, there are Christmas Markets everywhere, ice rinks seem to breed and there are Christmas Parties left, right and centre.

Lack of motivation is one of my least favourite feelings and I get so frustrated with myself. I had a great weekend at my in-laws and have come back a little more rested and full of inspiration for our house and this space. I even have hair inspiration which I don't think I have had since before our wedding! I seem to have recovered from the downer from last week and all other downers I may have unknowingly been on. I don't know if that was the weekend or the fact that it is December and a month closer to Tom being home but happiness and motivation have been restored. 

It's true what they* say, taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of your life without any deadlines or a stack of projects to do, hanging out with friends and doing something new really does produce motivation and inspiration.

So... Keep a look out for where my current bout of inspiration and motivation takes me, you never know it might be catching!

*I don't know who they are but they do seem to know everything!


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