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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My #NextmasWishlist...

This Wishlist could go on forever but having been narrowed down to ten by Next I shall duly pick my favourites... Having recently moved into our house not everything is as perfect and as we want it quite yet... Some of these would definitely help us have a more finished home, others are just because:

1. Framed Giraffe print - £30 - this would look awesome on the landing and would definitely set me up for a good day at work by making me smile shortly before leaving the house. There's something so cute about giraffes and the 'hey, are you lookin' at me'.

2. Rug - £90 - £330 - we have been looking for a rug to go in front of our fireplace in our Living Room ever since we moved in... I've never been quite sure what colours to go for but this one means we wouldn't have to choose between cream and teal... Definite winner!

3. Joules throw - £85 - this would complete one look we have in our bedroom! I bought the bed linen which I love! It isn't too girly and is really cheerful! I would love to finish the look off but can't quite justify spending that much on a throw! Worst luck!

4. Festive Spice Scent Votives - £12 - I'm completely obsessed with scented candles and cannot stop buying them... Anything that makes my house smell like Christmas is necessary! 

5. Folding Air Hockey Table - £275 - I can't exactly say that Tom and I NEED this but, we both love air hockey and would probably not do much else! And it folds away so space wise would be amazing!!

6. Robin Robe - £28 -  Now that I've made my house perfect with the above items it's time to laze about and enjoy it!...

7. Snoopy Nightshirt - £18 - I love nightshirts and this one is seriously cute!

8. Pyjama Shorts - £12 - when I'm not in night shirts there is something about shorts that makes me feel lazy but still attractively so!

9. Over the Knee boots - £120 - I've been dreaming of over the knee boots for ages now... These will definitely encourage me to get out of the house after I've been enjoying it's luxury!

10. Coat - £75 - Finally...I'm massively in need of a new winter coat and I really love the colour of this one!

Whats on your Nextmas Wishlist?


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