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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Paris memories...

Paris is my favourite city in world. My sister Clare lives in Paris and I have spent more time there than in any other city so I suppose I am biased but still... It stole my heart and I don't think any other city will ever replace it.

There is something about this time of year that makes me really miss Paris, maybe it's that I spent November 2008 there before my niece was born or that there was something about Paris which broke into the gloom of winter that made it not seem quite so manky that I wish would break up winters in the UK!

The last time I was in Paris was 2011 (believe me, you will never know how much this sucks! Fingers crossed 2015 is the year). In 2011, I was escaping from a massive decision in my life and it seemed to be the place to go to escape and decide what I wanted. My sister is pretty good for that kind of escape too, I'm very lucky they both happen to be in the same place. Much to Clare's annoyance however I didn't tell her what was on my mind but she knew something was up (really it was enough just to rise above normal life I didn't need to talk about it!)

Anyway, aside from my gloom, because that's clearly not why we are here!! I wanted to share with you some of my Parisian memories:

To start with, nothing beats being woken up in the morning by your nephew shouting "Aliiiiii" up two flights of stairs and being able to look straight down the centre of the staircase and see his cheeky face looking up at you! Followed by breakfast fresh from the bakery at the end of the street including pain au chocolat, french bread and huge Chocolate Meringues (there is no way an English Breakfast could beat that even if I liked them!) Oh, and being able to play the piano any time I wanted (apart from when the before mentioned nephew was asleep)

Being able to see the Eiffel Tower lighting up on the hour from the shower isn't so bad either.

I have done some of the tourist sites but not many of them and some of them definitely need doing again! I went up the Eiffel Tower in the rain and fog and I went to the Louvre when I was too young to really appreciate it. Top of my list to do when I am next in Paris are Versailles and the Moulin Rouge.

Maybe I have fallen so in love with Paris because I have lived there rather than visited while staying at a hotel and have been lucky enough to see Paris with Parisians rather than only heading to the tourist spots.

Paris is beautiful at night. If I could only be there for an hour I would definitely pick an hour after dark! I have spent a few nights out in Paris, each of them memorable for some reason or another: one was a birthday party in the centre of Paris, the night was good but it was really made by the fact that when we left we couldn't find the car and spent a long time going round in circles looking for it.

There was another night when I was invited out by Clare's sister in laws to the cinema and then to a Creperie. The cinema and creperie were in Montparnasse and I remember being given directions for the cinema that once I could see the tower it was to the right. Well, I never realised that there were two towers in Paris, and I was looking for the wrong one! I discovered later that I was stood right next to the Montparnasse Tower the entire time I was on the phone looking for it! It really is a very big tower if I had only looked up!!

The full on Crepe experience at La Creperie Bretonne was amazing too! I would definitely recommend them as a good place to go, I may have to take Tom there when we next go.

Considering Paris is fashion central I haven't really hit many of the shops, I went to Champs Elysees with my mum and went into a lot of shops, but I'm pretty sure we didn't buy anything apart from our lunch.

There is something very relaxed about Paris that I don't find in London, I don't know whether it is just that French people seem less stressed than British or that in some suburbs everything shuts on a Monday or that there is a serious amount of relaxed coffee shops everywhere, I don't mean the chains we now find on every corner - they don't seem at all relaxing! Maybe its that the waiters and waitresses come to you rather than having to queue to order you food. 

I really don't have a clue what it is about Paris but,.. at some point in 2015 I will be sat relaxing in a coffee shop enjoying Paris with Tom and a bottle of Orangina. 

Before that however I'm going to check out this book that seems to be everywhere at the moment:


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