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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Was I born in the wrong era?

I often think to myself that I was born in the wrong era... Which era I should have been born in, I'm not quite decided on but, I found myself wondering today whether I would have the same opinions as I do now if I had been alive in the 20's - 60's... 

Take women's rights for a start... I'm definitely for equality between genders etc (lets face it, who isn't), I use my vote when the time comes and I am really glad I have the freedom to work and do the millions of things I take for granted which women haven't always been able to do.

However, I like the idea of being courted by a man and then getting married and becoming a housewife and looking after the home and spending a decent amount of time with my children (when I have them) and not having to go out to work and earn a wage. (As I haven't ever not worked, I don't know whether I would feel comfortable with this in reality... I'd just like to be at home... If I could earn money from home that would tick all my boxes). 

I grew up in a traditional household where my father was the breadwinner and my mother was(is) a housewife and looked after us kids and did care work off and on (at least that's how I remember it). My father is the head of the household while my mother is the neck! 

"The man is the head, but the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head any way she wants." 
My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

To be honest they probably turn each other whichever way is necessary for them at that moment so don't think my mum is manipulative because I used this quote. She really isn't! I like this arrangement and it is probably mirrored a little in mine and Tom's marriage. I like the mutual respect and the parts each play in life. 

I've always thought that I wouldn't really be a massive women's rights activist if I had been alive when it all kicked off because I do like the idea of the traditional family home but now I'm beginning to wonder whether I would have actually been fighting for women's liberty... probably! Not least because I am entirely contrary but, also because the equality that there is now and the respect within relationships would not have been able to exist if people hadn't fought for women's liberty. I'm not saying that I would have chained myself to railings - I'm too much of a wimp when it comes to pain for that!

Then there's the dressing for dinner every night that used to go on... If you were a woman of a particular class you probably spent your entire day changing dresses!! On the outside of that world I think this would be amazing, I'm never going to object to 'dressing up' for the evenings especially as you had someone to dress you and do your hair every day! But, I love to laze around in my pyjamas - there is no chance they ever got to do that!

I also quite fancy riding a horse around the country and going around in carriages... I know they over turned but I've been in enough car accidents to take my chances in a carriage at less speed, metal and glass! Though there is of course the downside of the whole journey taking a lot longer and as Tom and I lived 120 miles apart for so long it would really put another spin on the whole long distance relationship!

Since my pondering I've come to the conclusion that there are millions of things to love about whatever era we live in and maybe we don't appreciate enough what we do have at the time...

The 20's for example, seem to have been a time for changes in society which must have been incredibly exciting and to have been a part of that would have been amazing. 

Now, we are all doom and gloom about the world we live in and are going to bring our children into! Yep, there is bad stuff but there have been improvements on previous eras. A hell of a lot of change has happened in the past 25 years maybe not within society so obviously as within technology.

So...maybe I wasn't born in completely the wrong era even if I do love all things vintage and would have enjoyed the lifestyle (presuming I had the money) at least part time... what do you think?



  1. I am definitely with you on some of your points! I love the idea of raising a family as a housewife--at least for the first few years of my little one's life. I want to be the neck to my family's head. I'm just not the best at taking charge head on (ha!) and I'm okay with that--personally. I am, however, hard headed and have usually taken whichever route in life I've wanted, and for that I owe a great deal to the amazing women who fought for my right to do so. I do believe that I would have endured ridicule along with them as I do now when certain phrases or comments really annoy me! I do believe that we have quite a ways to go for equality all around. I hope I am able to do my share for future generations.

    Lovely post!! I really enjoyed your point of view!!


    1. Thank you, it's really nice to hear your point of view as well! Xx

  2. Enjoyed reading this why does it have to be one way or the other having the best of both worlds. I like women's rights but I like you want to have the right to raise a family at home too should I wish Lucy

    1. Exactly :) thank you so much for commenting! x


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