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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Week #3 of deployment...

This has been a good week! The bad things ceased to happen after my brother in law came to sort out a Washing Machine/Boiler leak (I'm well aware that I may have just jinxed myself but I only said ceased not stopped, there is every possibility that they may begin again). Organisation is also resuming in our house as well which has definitely helped this week to be a good one!

My weekend with my in-laws was very relaxing and exactly what I needed to break out of the monotony and to get myself back to feeling a bit normal!

I sent Tom's first Christmas parcel out to him on Monday - fingers crossed it will arrive. I completely forgot to take pictures of what was inside it this time! And it was all wrapped up so pretty!  I mostly stuck to edible things and tiny festive bits that won't take up too much room to bring back. I've started buying more Christmas presents for him for when he gets back, even though we have already done our Christmas! I just can't help myself!

I'm massively excited to be going to my parents this weekend, to see our puppy (and everyone else of course). Hoping to finish all the Christmas Shopping this weekend for our families! I have plenty of ideas but I hate that I'm left with the responsibility of the final decisions! It seems to be a long time since we did Christmas shopping properly but I guess last year was a pretty busy Christmas! Whatever happens this year it won't be last minute, somehow I always seem to find myself in a mad panic wrapping presents on Christmas Day morning which I hate.

Communication is still very limited but we are texting a couple of times a day and we have a short phone call probably twice a week (by short I mean 10 mins at the most). It makes me feel quite panicked when I think that this is all the communication is likely to be until he returns home but I'm trying to take it one day at a time, and we're 3 weeks down now, we will get to the end of it slowly but surely. 

The first parcel arrived that I sent out to him so fingers crossed for his Chrismas one! 
I was surprised how much I managed to fit into this parcel... Didn't fit the magazine though :/ it will have to go out with the next one! There are actual jogging bottoms in there! 

I'm really glad I started this blog just before Tom went away because it is definitely keeping me occupied and preventing me moping too much! Plus I really love it so that's always a good thing. 

Hope you all had a fab week!


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