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Friday, 12 December 2014

Week #4 of deployment...

Finally a month of deployment down but still not yet over the hill to being closer to the end than the beginning! I suppose every week is a week closer to the end but it's very frustrating.

I have found myself constantly buying books and music on my iPad this week! If I was to suggest a care package for the person who isn't deploying I would definitely suggest iTunes vouchers or similar were involved in it!

This week has been very busy hence the randomness of posting. I am slowly finding routine with everything but blogging is taking a little more time to find a routine in amongst working full time and running about like a headless chicken. It being new to my life and all!

The things breaking and going wrong have held off this week as well so with any luck we are out of the woods.

I am struggling to buy Christmas presents for Tom's family at the moment! I was really hoping to have done it by today but I'm still struggling to work out what is best to do... I had so many ideas but none of them are realistic and my weekend was too busy to get anything in the way of Christmas presents done! This weekend is the cut off point though.

At the outset of Tom going away I really did not think my weekends would be busy but they seem to be all becoming very hectic. In fact I'm not sure I have any free weekends left! There is very little time for moping which is definitely a good thing.

My house is nearing a more spotless state so I am definitely approaching normality but I do still have lost thank you cards for our wedding that are hanging over me like a black cloud! They really should have been done and dusted 3 months ago!! Must be more organised!!! Maybe over the Christmas break I will finally catch up with everything and start the new year as we mean to go on! Organised and stress free!

My goals
These bad boys that I set before Tom went away have not entirely fallen by the way side but my weekly goal of doing exercise has been put on hold the past two weeks! I will bring it off hold next week! My other weekly goal of getting out and about with people is definitely going to plan which is great, I haven't gone into a dark hole and not come back out. 

My fortnightly goal to research Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego and Los Angeles is definitely going to plan! I have started my Vegas research and next week I shall begin Palm Springs! It's really helping me concentrate on the other side of deployment and I'm so excited! I may yet start counting the weeks until we go!

So all in all, I think I'm doing pretty well. Remaining sociable and positive has so far been achieved I just need to get back to exercising! Where do I find the motivation for that in this rainy and cold country?!


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