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Thursday, 22 January 2015

He's home!!!...

There was a lack of post yesterday because I was enjoying my man finally being home and felt that being on the laptop or iPad was definitely in the 'antisocial behaviour' category!

We had a very relaxing day together watching films, a small excursion to the shops and playing with Zoubi. Thankfully Zoubi has taken to Tom like a fish to water so I didn't need to have any worries in that respect. We seem to have all embraced our family of three!

What always amazes me when Tom comes home is that regardless of how long he has been away and the how poor the communication may have been... nothing has changed between us. It's as if he had never been away and we carry on with life as though he had been home the whole time. I don't know if that's how it is for everybody but I find it very comforting.

Now that he is home, however, we have to start thinking about the important and exciting 'what happens next' questions that seem to have appeared in the past few months. A less exciting problem being: Do we really need two cars when I'm only driving 0.8 miles to work and the insurance is costing a ridiculous amount for so few miles... You'd think that would be an obvious 'No' but our families live at opposite ends of the country and could I really cope with not being able to jump into the car and go wherever I wanted at the drop of a hat. Not so simple and obvious an answer after all. There seem to be a lot of these kind of things hanging over us but I guess that's what happens when you merge lives and become a team rather than two individuals. Even the boring car issue seems quite exciting when put like that!

Two weeks grace and an adventure to Paris before real normality begins... by then I think we will be ready for anything!!

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