Last Weekend - Date Night, Bicester Village & Black Sails.... - through these gray eyes...: Last Weekend - Date Night, Bicester Village & Black Sails....

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Last Weekend - Date Night, Bicester Village & Black Sails....

This weekend was probably the best so far of January, hardly surprising in that it was the first weekend that Tom has been home this year but still, I reckon it will still rate pretty highly by the end of the year.

Rather than give you a long run down of why this weekend was so awesome I will fill you in on the deal breakers:

1. Date night on Friday  - We went to a Thai restaurant, neither of us had ever been to one before so we weren't quite sure what the food would be like. It was definitely worth trying something new - the food, atmosphere and service were excellent.

2. Tom is finally unpacked after living out of bags for about 6 years! (Champagne moment!) The house is more organised too. I'm a real sucker for organisation.

3. Trip out to a beautiful village nearby and a drink in a cosy pub to warm us up afterwards.

4. Walks together with our puppy.

5. Played 'Cards Against Humanity' until the early hours of Sunday morning with Tom's mate... Seriously funny night. Self titled as 'A party game for horrible people' it isn't a game for the faint hearted.

6. Being spoilt for my birthday courtesy of some amazing finds in Levi's at Bicester Village - 2 pairs of Jeans bought and a leather jacket on its way makes for a very, very happy girl! Bicester Village probably tops the outlet centres I have been to for shops it really does have everything including nice places to eat so you can make a day of it.

7. Watched the premiere of Black Sails Season 2... Randomly found it on Amazon Prime... We both love this series and the premiere did not disappoint at all.

8. Got round to using all my new Maybelline products this weekend... my quest for the perfect flick is advancing! Really would recommend the Master Graphic Eyeliner.

I have one major regret about this weekend... I'm pretty sure you can tell what it is! No decent photos! Will do better in future!

Off to Paris on Thursday... there will be alot of photos... just hope it doesn't rain! 

How was your weekend?


  1. Lovely post...majorly envious of the leather jacket...swoon!

    Jane | Queen Jane Approximately

    1. Thanks :)! I cannot wait to be allowed to wear it! x


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