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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mid-January Musings...

1. Goodreads - I think I must be a little behind with this site but I blame it on the fact that up until getting married, my life has been a bit too hectic to read even remotely in the worm like fashion that I used to. While Tom has been away I have read a lot and I am really hoping to break out of my usual genre and explore more authors this year. I have challenged myself to read 52 books this year. Are you doing the 2015 Reading Challenge if so add me and we can encourage each other to reach our targets.

2. New Year Resolutions - I've completely simplified all my resolutions and compressed them into 2 points. 1) Be Kind - to myself, to people and to the world and 2) Create - from here on my blog, to memories, to cooking more. It's a lot less pressure and it's not as if I can break them, only strive to achieve them.

3. Instagram - I am slowly falling in love with it! Add me

4. Rouge a Levres/My Little Box - Last month I signed up to receive My Little Box, I wanted to try it out and see whether it was worth it. It was definitely a good choice and in it I received my most favourite Lipstick ever! I'm a complete sucker for lipsticks anyway but I love the colour and it can do either day or night, it has taken up permanent residence in my hand bag.

5. Zoubi, our puppy - Zoubi has now moved in. I completely underestimated how difficult having a puppy to look after on my own would be. Ok, it's not that long until Tom is home but I did not think I would spend the entirety of my Sunday night awake because she wouldn't settle! Third night definitely unlucky! I did manage to get some sleep last night so hopefully she is settling and I won't be a zombiefied by the end of the week!

A moment when she was asleep!! 

6. Driving to work as the sunrises - realistically I massively object to being up that early in the morning but seeing the sunrise from behind a hangar really is beautiful... one day I will capture it!

7. Deployment - It's nearly over, and I've made it through without too much going wrong considering, it's the first time Tom has been away since we've been living together and 100 miles away from family.

8. Paris - We shall be in Paris for my birthday, (cue: mini dance) I could not be more excited! "Stay tuned" for all the details...

How's your January looking?



  1. Your puppy is so adorable, and I really like your New Year's resolutions :)
    xx Haley


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