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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Puppy training vs Alice Training

I don't think anyone needed to look into a crystal ball to know that there was going to be a post about my puppy coming up.... As a new member of the family it's only really fair and she really has been having fun turning my life upside down since Friday.

Ever since the decision that we would get a puppy I have known my entire life was going to change, mostly for the better... I would have to be more responsible,  more disciplined and tidier added to that there's the small bundle of fur charging about getting under our feet! 

I've always had dogs so I didn't really have to consider much, it would probably have been more of a consideration thinking that we wouldn't have one! However, that being said, I really did underestimate the affect she was going to have!

It hasn't been plain sailing... after Sunday nights fiasco I was very ready to give up! I do not manage at all well on an hour of sleep and being in a terrace with thin walls I was worried that Zoubi had managed to keep everyone up not just me! By Monday evening, I was a complete bundle of nerves and ready to cry at any moment.

I had also decided that I was never going to have children... If I couldn't deal with the destruction and worry of a puppy then I certainly wouldn't be able to cope with a baby. I'm going to blame the lack of sleep and bundle of nerves for that moment of despair too which probably means there will be a repeat when of this feeling when I do have a baby - that's normal though right?

First walk - not the best of photos - she really didn't know what was happening! 
Wellies - Joules 

Last week, I wrote about changing my routine so that I had less of a 'Do I really HAVE to' attitude... Clearly, I should have had a dog I was solely responsible for earlier, even if I do have that attitude the answer is 'Yes' because if I don't get moving pronto I will just be creating work for myself!

So now, I jump out of bed at 7(ish), take exercise without talking myself out of it at least 3 times a day, keep the house even tidier (apart from her toys which are lurking in corners - for now I think that's a fair trade if it distracts her from the curtains, throws and chair legs), laundry and washing up all now have regular slots in my day. Best of all, I go to bed at a decent hour! I'm genuinely feeling a lot better for it all and can definitely recommend Puppy Therapy! 

We have now done two nights with minimal problems (I know, massively early days so I could well be speaking too soon but while I'm feeling positive...)both Zoubi and I are being trained into a routine that suits us, hopefully it will only be onwards and upwards from here! I hope I will have convinced her that there isn't anything worth exploring behind the back of the TV and sofa before Tom gets home! Tom training will no doubt occur and you never know, it may be as positive for him as it has been for me! 

Her chosen place to sleep - under my legs and half underneath the sofa

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