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Monday, 19 January 2015

The last weekend...

Oh my! What a busy day! Work seems to have finally got back to normal and I feel like I have hardly had a moment to breath! It's good though... less procrastinating speeds the day along which was ideal for today and hopefully tomorrow will be the same... So long as it returns to a normal speed or maybe a slow plod from Wednesday so I can enjoy Tom being home at leisure!

This weekend was a really chilled weekend to round off deployment.  Waking up to snow on Saturday morning really was a shocker! I was out walking Zoubi at 10pm and though it was freezing I definitely didn't think it was going to snow so it was the last thing I expected to see as I opened the curtains... It was nice while it lasted and was the perfect amount... enough to cause me to slide about in the car but not enough to prevent me from carrying on life as normal!

Kelsie and I had a girly day on Saturday. I got a small Maybelline haul mostly to aid my quest for perfecting my eye makeup... fingers crossed in my 25th year of life I finally nail the perfect flick!! Now that's an aspiration to have! 

I love the lip pencil... Such a lovely colour and it seemed to stay on for ages which is always a winner for me! 

I haven't yet used the BB cream so I will have to get back to you on that... maybe tomorrow...

The Maybelline Haul

After our mini shopping spree we had an evening of pizza and films. I don't know what rock I've been living under but I hadn't seen 10 Things I Hate About You (loved it) and we also watched Guardians of the Galaxy (neither of us had seen it yet - we really enjoyed it but felt like we kept missing bits of information... Did it make sense to everyone else? Because if so, we must have missed bits). 

Sunday was great. I was so domesticated it was unreal and weirdly I really enjoyed it! I think it must be because I knew it was all in preparation for Tom coming home because, honestly, if you told me I would enjoy ironing all our bed linen I would think you were totally crazy! It does look really nice in the cupboard now though and it fits so much better which is very satisfying! (I really can't believe I have just written those words!!)

As with all weekends there were things I wanted to do but didn't but... My aim is really to feel like everything is as good as it can be to welcome Tom home... I think it nearly is which is a triumph!

How was your weekend?

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