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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Deployment is nearly over...

Today is 9 weeks that Tom has been away on deployment... My deployment posts have slightly fallen by the wayside due to the fact that I was distracted by Christmas and life happened, as ever!

Christmas without Tom was hard and I don't think I knew how to react to it or how anyone else was going to react towards me because of it so I became rather closed off. Definitely not a helpful way to deal with it but at least I now know for the next time! (If there is one!) Deployment always seems to be a never ending learning curve especially in a new home.

To slightly close the gap between us at Christmas I tried to share with him as much of what was going on with me as possible, even if it meant that he didn't respond or he ended up being bombarded with messages. I don't think he minded! Now I am trying to keep him up to date with our puppy and how she is getting on.

The communication has been horrific throughout but we have managed to get through it none the less... There were moments when I wondered how we were going to survive on so little but we've pretty well done it even if there are some big conversations that we will now have to have about what is next on the cards for us. Exciting to have some big decisions to make together though!

Some of the things which I wanted to achieve while Tom was away I have managed... others are still very much work in progress but I think that's ok. Life is always a work in progress and there is still some time left! No doubt I will have a huge spurt of energy the two days before he comes home and it will all get done!

I haven't kept up with doing exercise quite as I had hoped but now I have a puppy to force at least some upon me which is good... Just need to work on my arms which is where I always feel my thinness shows up. 

I have managed to keep my social life alive and not become a total hermit which I am really happy about. What with the lack of communication we have had and the potential for self pitying if left to my own devices for so long I could have become a right misery guts!

Holiday plans have been set to one side and the house is not as I'd hoped but, it is a definite improvement from what it was when I had just moved Tom out of his room on base and, all of my belongings had arrived from my parents house!

I have a very structured to do list to get through over the next week so that I feel prepared for Tom to be home. On all other occasions I seem to have failed and not felt prepared at all but hopefully this time I shall manage it! It's like getting ready for a date at home, probably a first date to be honest because nerves seem to set in amongst the excitement! The house needs to be spotless and the most important decision is what to wear to pick Tom up from the terminal! I've already spent three days deciding and have finally come to a potential decision! I think Tom would be amazed if he knew what a list I had set myself... even more amazed if I actually achieved it!! I have faith in myself!

Oh, I cannot wait to go on an actual date again! I don't even care where, just to get dolled up and go out the two of us will be bliss! We are way behind people on films though and I've heard so many mixed opinions on The Hobbit... whats the general consensus? Will I be disappointed? 

P.S. It seems I didn't speak too soon when I said Zoubi was getting better at night... she settled straight away last night... Mini victory for me! The relief is quite incredible!


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