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Thursday, 19 February 2015

10 Mid-February Musings...

We're halfway through February already! I think this year is going to disappear as quickly as the last! To try and slow time down a little and just take a moment here are 10 musings - things I'm loving/thinking/doing/excited about:

1. February Walks - Since getting Zoubi I have been out and about alot more on these legs of mine! I guess it must be making me appreciate how beautiful the world really is! Either that or I am getting sentimental about the world in my old age. Well, whichever it is, I am really enjoying being out and about while the birds are singing... I think i'm going to have to start taking my new *excited dance* camera with me because I keep missing perfect picture moments like drops of dew hanging on a tree.

2. River Island hauls - Serious love for River Island right now (we haven't always been friends)! I always seem to fall for their Limited Edition line so then it just has to be bought! Luckily I am finding clothes for my America Adventures and summer capsule wardrobe so it isn't really cheating on the minimalism (at least that's what I'm telling myself)!

Current Favourite Purchase:
River Island - Wrap front mini skirt

3. Benefit Roller Lashes Mascara - I know everyone has been talking about this so I'm not going to lay it on thick.. All I will say is .... Love it and will definitely be purchasing it when it hits the high street!

4. Triangle bras - Random I know but I seriously cannot get enough of these! Think they are taking over the world at the moment!

5. Duolingo - So I realised while in Paris, how incredibly rusty my French has become! I am gutted to say the least but I am hoping this app will get me back up to scratch!

6. Flowers - We have a little crop of crocuses in our lawn! If you had seen our lawn when we moved in you wouldn't think that there was any possibility of flowers ever appearing in it - it was essentially a rectangle of mud with a bit of brown grass. I'm ridiculously excited by the surprise flowers! Clearly bulbs are the way forward in our garden. I may have to put on some green fingers. Just hope Zoubi doesn't get green paws and dig them up!

7. The Musketeers - Honestly, if you are not watching this you really should be! At least I think so! I've missed series 1 and I clearly need to go backwards and see it but I can't bring myself to wait! It's been inspired by Duma's characters and essentially follows the lives of four musketeers and their many exploits.

8. Holiday - Yes, I am driving people wild in my life with my ridiculously premature excitement for our holiday, it's only fair I share it with you too! Vegas, Palm Springs, San Diego and LA who wouldn't be excited! We make our final payments soon so it must mean it's nearly....June! Or not! I think I'm as excited about planning it as I am about going on it! But, really, who wouldn't be!

9. Exploring - Tom and I are constantly driving through towns and villages and saying that we want to explore them... well, as soon as he gets back I'm going to make this happen! This life we lead is a little too unpredictable not to make the most of the days we do have!

10. Photography - On the strength of having a new camera I am seriously swatting up on photography tips! Cannot wait to take the baby out properly at the weekend! If you have any or know of any posts that will help me out please let me know! I need all the help I can get!

What are your February musings?

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