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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

10 things that have made me smile - January...

Apologies for the unexpected radio silence... it was entirely unintentional but I hadn't preempted not having WiFi while away in Paris. Definite rookie errror! Especially as I had posts lined up ready to go!

I hope you all had a good January... I know its meant to be the most depressing month and usually I find that it is even though my birthday is at the end of it but, this year seems to have been different and it has mostly been great!

My month in smiles:

1. Tom came home...Enough said... This was definitely an ear splitting/cheshire cat type grin.

2. Paris was amazing... Will be posting about this very soon!!

3. We became a family of three... This has caused me pain, tears, worries, smiles and belly laughs but we really have settled into it like it has always been this way - I don't think I will be saying this after having an actual baby... A puppy will do for now!

4. The nights are finally getting lighter! I find life so depressing when I go to work in the dark and go home in the dark and I spend my day gazing out at daylight from behind a window.

5. I spent the day with my nephew on his birthday for the first time in his 4 little years! (Another reason Paris was amazing)

6. I made it to 100 followers on bloglovin!

7. Begun my capsule wardrobe (got the idea from Un-Fancy) - I really wish I had discovered this before! I love organisation and now my wardrobe is so fresh and clean and not jammed with clothes I may or may not wear! I love it! it isn't quite finished yet but I'm getting there! 

8. Finding bargains! I'm never normally very good at finding bargains but so far this year I've found loads and started getting my holiday wardrobe for June sorted already! 

9. Waking up to totally random snow... I'm not a massive fan of snow but when it makes a small and unexpected appearance it almost wins me over!

10. Spending lots of time with my sister after having not seen her since September.

I'd love to hear what has made you smile in January!

Happy February!

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