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Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Quick Catch Up...

As you can see from my last few posts I have been very much here, there and everywhere since Tom came home. I'm actually happy to tell you that normality has now been restored! I feel rather as if I have been living in the eye of a hurricane for the past few weeks! Believe me, I'm not complaining about all the adventures, I'm just grateful for some time to relax and not have to think about getting everything washed and ready to pack for the next trip away!

On Tuesday night we drove halfway back to Shropshire to meet my parents who have been looking after Zoubi while we have been off having adventures! We had a lovely meal in the Crown and Sandys in Ombersley, if you're passing there it's definitely worth trying out.

Life feels more normal now Zoubi is back, even after only having her for a short time the house did seem oddly empty without her in it. She has grown a ridiculous amount in a week and a half!

What with all this gallivanting, I seem to be falling behind with things... I still have heaps of half done posts that I had lined up for the end of January that still haven't been finished, eventually they will I suppose!

This weekend I am dedicating to relaxing and blogging. Tom is in work so I won't be being massively anti-social on the first Valentine's Day we will have actually seen each other since we first got together. I am quite excited about Valentine's Day though, partly because it is our first but mostly because I'm going to use it as an excuse to cook something special and use our polaroid camera for the first time! We'll see how it turns out!

Speaking of cameras... I'm massively excited to tell you that Tom took the plunge and we've bought a new camera! He's much better at reading reviews than I am! Hopefully, (once I have learnt how to use it) this space will become a place of beautiful photos and no random sizing problems that need fixing over a relaxing weekend (top of this weekends to-do list)! If it doesn't, it probably won't be the camera's fault! I shall be dedicating a serious amount of time to reading the instructions for the first time ever!!!

My 2015 reading challenge has also fallen behind, I'm still only a few pages into 'The Night Circus by Erin Morgentsen! I had it all planned out that I would read on the flight to and from Paris but realistically, a 50 minute flight is hardly long enough to get comfortable... or in this case way too long to be in the seat at all! I've never sat in such uncomfortable seats in a plane! I need another 27 books to put on my list as well! Check out what is already on my Goodreads and feel free to add me as a friend... Any recommendations would be gratefully received... 

P.S. Is it the eye of a hurricane that's mental or is that where the hurricane is calm?

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