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Monday, 9 February 2015

Paris When It Sizzles (Or Drizzles) Part II

Day Two was my nephews birthday which was the first time in his four small years that I had been there to celebrate it with him so it was quite an event for me as well. We had lemon cake (my nephews choice!!) for breakfast because my brother in law was off on his best mates stag do so wouldn't be about for tea later. Homemade Lemon Cake is a very good start to any day, coming close to beating a Champagne Breakfast!

We spent the morning playing with my nephews new toys (I think my sister now feels that the keyboard in hindsight wasn't such a good idea with a microphone) and running the children to gymnastics. Tom and I were able to watch my niece at her class which was lovely! It was the first time we had seen my niece strutting her stuff. 

In the afternoon we jumped on the RER to Paris with the children and my sister and visited L'Hotels Des Invalides.

The RER was a massive hit with the children! Not much beats playing eye spy on a train with children that may be picking words in English or French! 

And...I have to hand it to the French... Some of their graffiti is really very impressive from out of a train window! 

Les Invalides is  an incredible building, the museum isn't so bad either! The museum part holds a national military museum of France, a military models museum and contemporary history museum! 

There was no way we could have done it all in a day and definitely not with three little ones. We mainly did the national military museum which was very interesting if you are into military history and the World Wars. It isn't really a museum aimed at children but they still really enjoyed it and there were plenty of films for them to watch.

We had a brew in Le Carre Des Invalides which is a nice cafe (but a tad expensive) within the complex close to the Eglise du Dome where Napoleon's tomb is. 

Napoleon's tomb is quite a sight! It's huge and honestly not at all what I had expected! I wouldn't say that I liked it per say but it's certainly impressive. Inside the enormous marble sarcophagus the remains of Napoleon are in six concentric coffins made from different materials. 

Day 3 and 4 were mostly spent enjoying time with the family and relaxing which was awesome. We don't often get to chill with my sister and her kids or be involved with their normal everyday life like gymnastics club and the school run so we took full advantage of this!

4 nights and 5 days still wasn't really long enough to quench my thirst for Paris for a considerable amount of time we already have a list growing of the things we want to do when we are there next... so far we have:
  • Paris in the summer 
  • Versailles
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Les Invalides (the rest)
  • Trip on the Seine on a Batobus
Any other recommendations?


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