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Monday, 2 March 2015

10 things that have made me smile - February

2. An extra weekend off with Tom...Courtesy of his unplanned excursion out of the country! Every cloud has a silver lining!

3. Blue sky and sun! I really didn't know I was such a sucker for the sun! Looking out of the office window ant blue sky makes me so happy and ridiculously excited for summer...I even had an ice cream (that clearly was an odd thing to do in February as I had to buy a pack of three because the shop hadn't got their individual freezer out of winter storage)

4. Finally got my 'hair did'! All fresh and lovely! Its been waaaaaay too long, I had really got to the point where my relationship with my hair was pure hate.

5. Catching up with Lucie! I hadn't seen her since before Christmas! Was lovely to see her and as they say a friend is cheaper than a shrink! (Why are they called shrink? I have literally just this minute wondered!)

6. New Camera...Though I have yet to show you the fruits of my labour using this baby I am loving it and it will definitely be making an appearance soon!

7. Starbucks Hot Chocolate...I treated myself to a Starbucks breakfast on my way to get my new desk. This used to be an at least weekly occurrence when there was a Starbucks on my way to and from work, now its much more of a blue moon thing! Seems silly but it really did feel like a treat!

8. Argos flat pack...Successfully built on my own, who would not smile about that!

9. Holiday all paid off! I can officially start planning and getting excited!

10. March Challenges...I have found myself 2 challenges for March which I am really looking forward to, one is a 30 day squat challenge... I have done these several times but never made it to the end! March will be the month! And also '30 days to domestic bliss - the challenge' which I found on The Decorista. Hopefully at the end of March I will be telling you that I managed to complete them both!

What made you smile in February?




  1. There were two things that made me smile in February. First was a date night with my husband. We have been married 17 1/2 years and last weekend was the first date night we have had. Second was my new laptop. It was a very nice surprise from my husband. And a much needed one at that.

    1. That sounds lovely! Congratulations on being married 17 1/2 years!!

  2. I received a number of positive reviews and informative advice after I publicly shared one of my drawings. I befriended a really friendly blogger and I actually went out on Valentines day although I'm still single. HA! All of these made me smile in February. Beautiful Blog. :)


    1. Your February sounds awesome! I'm glad you had so much to make you smile :D x


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