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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mishaps and Misadventures...

Last week had more moments of wife mishaps in our house. I didn't come close to burning the house down or anything that drastic, but still I had moments of "Are you for real???!!!" (you being me) and "Oh, For Goodness Sake"(when the moment has gone past expletives).

On one of these occasions, Tom was on nights and I had an hour to get tea on the table for him to be fed and ready to head out. I thought I had food all planned out even though the cupboards, fridge and freezer were ready for another big shop. Fish fingers (our back up food), curly fries (which I had to pick up from the shop on my way home from work) and peas. Simple! I'd even double checked there was a box of fish fingers in the freezer at lunch so I knew I didn't need to get anything but fries.

However, when I came to actually cook the fish fingers. I discovered a measly 3 in the box. Ideally, we needed 12!

Teach me to ever think I'm on the case! There will always be something to remind me I'm Alice  and not Bree Hodge!

There was no time for me to run back to the shop to top up our fish finger supply but somehow it worked out and neither of us starved!

I used my slow cooker for the first time on Thursday! Wow!! How easy is that thing to use! I really don't know why I've been slaving/burning myself over a hot oven all this time when I had that bad boy waiting in the cupboard! Stupidly, it was all the preemptive prep that was putting me off! My logic is so skewed!

I made a casserole for my first attempt, turned out pretty good. Tom did however turn to me half way through eating it and say "what actually is this?" In fairness to him I had been calling it a stew since Sunday... In fairness to me I didn't even know there was a real difference! Meat and veg cooked in a pot!

So long as I turned the slow cooker on I don't think there was enough Alice input into the slow cooker for it to not have turned out ok really! The rice however, with Alice input was not the best but I'm going to blame the fact it was cheaper rice!

Anyway, after the food was given the right name he did enjoy it (even the rice)

Our misadventure last week happened on our drive to my parents house on Friday. Zoubi is not at all keen on being in a car and throws on her anchors as soon as she sees that we are approaching a car! Whether it's ours or not! 

The journey to my parents is 120 miles of exceedingly wiggly roads and she doesn't seem to understand that if she lies down she won't get thrown about quite so much!

After 4 stops because she was whining or ended up with her bed upside down, she was allowed to sit in the passenger footwell at my feet. Sit was slightly optimistic! I arrived at my parents essentially wearing a dog!

Good job she's so cute is all I can say!


  1. i really enjoyed that post Alice as it is so well written and funny! My bf works nights too sometimes and i do be the same fussing about trying to feed him before work and hoping that i have actually got something in the fridge/freezer! Have a great day honey xx

    1. hehe it's a nightmare isn't it! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Have a great day too hun x


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