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Thursday, 12 March 2015

New Goal - Striving to write...

Apologies for the late post. Tuesday's events were not really conducive to post writing and being able to publish on Wednesday. So here I am a day late in my schedule only the second week of trying this schedule malarkey out! However, I guess it's just about being realistic rather than beating myself up about already having failed... Some weeks life will happen and be more important than the blogging schedule.

I have been doing alot of thinking about my corner of the internet recently. It's content, it's reason and it's future (Sounds way, way deeper than it is). Hence the changes here and there. 

This post 'What makes you read a blog?' on The Life of Bon had me thinking even more about my content. She brought up the reality that some bloggers now only post and this has caused her to stop reading their blogs.

I don't want to be a blogger that just posts because they need to get something published that day or leaves their life and soul out of it because it's too difficult to write about (I realise how ironic it is that I am saying this and have not explained anything of Tuesday's events - I guess there are moments for sharing the difficult bits and this isn't the right one).

However, I don't mean that I don't think writing is what I already do (rightly or wrongly). Or that I will be super serious and never do hauls or anything else like that! That's not me either, I will write about whatever is happening in my life, making me happy or any small things that are getting me overly excited but, I will strive to always write and not fall into the 'post only' trap.

I want to be a Lifestyle blogger that readers can relate to and lets face it, my photography skills are never going to be good enough to be able to throw a 'Pinterest perfect' glow on my life. I do really enjoy the excuse to take more photos to go alongside my posts but unless it is when I am out and about I struggle to 'stage' a photo.

As much as I like to take pictures it's more that I like to store my memories so that I can revisit them later. I am a real sucker for scrapbooking and photo albuming my life. This blog is another extension of that which I guess makes it even more important that I stay true to my goal of writing.

So there you have it, my new goal of striving to write!


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  1. You know I 100% agree with you here...Write because you're passionate not because you feel you have to.

    Becky @


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