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Friday, 6 March 2015

Weekend Reading: 5 Blogs I'm Loving...

IT'S FRIDAY and Spring is definitely on it's way!

Here are my weekend reading suggestions!

Newbie Blog
Paris by Friday - This is a massively new blog that I would really recommend checking out! It's beautiful!

Daily Giggle/Chill Read (they may not post quite daily but you get what I mean)
The Life of Bon - Bonnie's blog is awesome I just love her writing, she really makes me feel like I know her! She is a blogger who inspired me to start blogging myself. (I mentioned her way back in my post 1 month in the blogging world)

I found these next two blogs via The Life of Bon so it's only fair to give credit where it's due! Both award me serious giggles especially for their outspokenness!

The Daily Tay 

Bit of Advice
The Nectar Collective - Melyssa covers a lot of different topics on her blog but she has a lot of helpful information and advice.

Anastasia Amour - Anastasia's blog is dedicated to helping women raise their self esteem and reduce their insecurities. She also writes for A Little Opulent



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