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Monday, 7 September 2015

Love yourself a little more...

I read something in Cosmopolitan this weekend which really made me think. I'm not really one for reading magazines as they always end up making me feel naff about myself. The only magazines I've really enjoyed along those lines are wedding magazines... I guess that's because they're all about happiness and pretty things and dreams coming true, however I can hardly buy those now without looking a little odd to Tom.

So I fancied a magazine and picked up Cosmo ...

I didn't actually expect to be writing a post due to one of the articles though.

Jameela Jamil's article about not relying on your appearance to keep your man really struck a cord with me. With my body changing through pregnancy and having been slim before I have been feeling pretty weird about it. Just looking in the mirror or my reflection as I lock the door has had its moments of making me feel less than attractive.

However, Tom doesn't seem to feel anything less towards me or find me unattractive and the beginning 3 months I looked really, really rough so I would completely have understood.

I realise now that my security sometimes has been boosted by my looks and it shouldn't really have been. I don't know if I will ever return to exactly as I was before pregnancy but that isn't all Tom fell in love with me for.

I need to give myself a break and we women need to give ourselves a break and give men the credit for not being entirely shallow and choosing their wives or girlfriends on their looks alone.

There is more to all of us than our looks and what we wear, and whatever those things are... that's what make us stand out amongst the others.

I haven't exactly worked out what my other things are but I'm going to take Jameela's advice and realise what:

"sets me apart from other women, that would be likely to make a man (Tom) turn down a gaggle of women, out of fear that he would lose me?"

And then, I'm going to love it, and love myself a little bit more for it... And give my extraordinary pregnant body or even equally extraordinary post pregnant body a break from boosting my security.

What sets you apart from the others?



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