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Thursday, 3 September 2015

September Goals & A Quick Catch Up...

It's September and I've been wanting to get back on here for ages but things don't seem to have quite gone to plan or I've had writer's block. Maybe both. However, today I seem to finally be ready to write!

I'm loving September... I seem to have reset in the way that I do for a new year. I have goals and resolutions and it's day 3 and I haven't broken any of them yet!

It's probably a good moment to bring you up to speed with whats been happening in my life rather than just telling you all my hopes and dreams for September. They won't make any sense without some background.

So without further ado .... a fair number of months compressed into a few bullet points!

~ I'm pregnant... 29 weeks exactly. I've gone through all the 'feels'...terror, worry, guilt, excitement and I'll no doubt be continuing that seesaw for the next 11 weeks and a bit beyond. But, I've finally excepted that not feeling insanely excited all the time is perfectly normal, my life is taking a dramatic turn down a new route.
~ Tom has done another 6 weeks detachment which was very unexpected and meant he missed the 20 week baby scan.
~ I'm in the process of launching a business... In the midst of one dramatic new route, I thought throwing another into the mix would be fun too... As my plans form and the business launches I will keep you up to date
~ We hosted all of Tom's family at our tiny two bedroom house which was a lot of fun 
~ We've now been married and living together a year. Its been quite the adventure so far! So excited to have hopefully many more together!
~ I discovered Outlander! What a series, I'm now trying to read the books... I really wish I had read them first, I struggle to get into a book after I've seen it in a series or film... Is that just me?
~ My garden is growing and I successfully grew Sweet Peas from seed and my Rose is in full bloom! 

It's really very difficult to think of the little 'big' things that have happened in the past few months when there are such 'big' big things that overshadow it all!

September Goals

1. Be healthier for me and the baby:

Eat Clean... It seems so easy to just eat whatever I fancy being pregnant and now is probably the moment in my life when that is actually not the best idea. I'm also becoming a bit of a green tea fanatic... the real leaves and everything.

Take exercise and walk to work every day... I found this prenatal pilates dvd which I love... I think its actually the first fitness DVD that I have really clicked with. There are three different 20 minute workouts which I mix and match or just do one of depending on how I am feeling. The best thing is that it constantly reminds me to use my stomach muscles and do pelvic floors so I know I am doing them everyday in some form.

2. Finish the nursery up to its 'pre-birth' stage:

This has been a slow work in progress thing. We needed to get rid of a spare bed and move stuff around and with Tom being away I haven't been able to do it myself. Also, I'm a massive believer in jinxing myself (I know that sounds bizarre) and with everything baby related I'm being very slow and steady in getting stuff.

3. Make a serious start on my business and develop a portfolio on Instagram of products available

It's all about making dreams come true this month... sort of... or facing fears and being a healthy fitter version of myself all under the excuse of pregnancy... 

Happy September!



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